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Annika's Apron - From The Beginning

  • By Mark Wardale
  • 29 Oct, 2015
"I've travelled all over with Annika and she will always find the best food in that location without fail. She's my human Trip Advisor."
It all started out as an idea about 5 years ago. Annika, who as some of you know is a passionate foodie, wanted an outlet and somewhere to share her knowledge, passion, recipes and talk about the things she had learned whilst travelling. So she started a food blog www.annikasapron.blogspot.com . At first we didn't know who, if anyone would visit the blog. But it turns out that people like food, a lot! Not just in this country, but across the globe. People searching for particular world food or just stumbling across the blog would even send in images of the some of the recipes recreated! 

Annika's love for food has been a huge part of her life from a very young age. Cooking with her Swedish mother, her grandmother and other family members she developed a passion for creating, street food in particular. Her perception on street food is, if a stall looks small, dirty and the menu is foreign or even none existent, then the food will be incredible. I have to say she's been right so far. I've travelled all over with Annika and she will always find the best food in that location without fail. She's my human Trip Advisor.

"Is their something in this? Are we missing a trick here? People actually want my food!" Annika's outlet just grew an awful lot in a short space of time.


 ca.ter, ca.ter.ing
1. to provide food or entertainment
2. to provide to the wants or need of

Ok so we all need to eat, but do we eat the food that we want? Are we satisfied by the food that we eat? Do we make that sensual 'oh my god' noise when the food hits our palette? Probably more often not. But, Annika knew she could evoke that reaction from people if she was given the opportunity to. 

It didn't happen overnight, but it sure was a great journey. Before even registering Annika's Apron as a company, Annika worked in the kitchen of a community centre. ITV enquired if Annika would create a recipe for the members of the centre and showcase it on a TV programme by Simon Cowell called 'Food Glorious Food'. The recipe was for a Bourbon Bread & Butter Pudding and it went down well with the judges, so good that it made the semi final along with the recipe being published in the book!

After a number of requests to publish her recipes in books alongside Chefs including Rosemary Shrager, Annika was then offered the opportunity to become Jamie Oliver's Food Ambassador to the region, promoting healthy eating, budget food recipes and food awareness.

And so enter Craig Darley and Adrian Hunter of 365 Catering, who decided that Annika's Apron was not only a good idea to provide event catering, but it would represent something that the region was missing, a personal touch on food, a story, transparency, the option of bespoke menu's, and the best darn food you will taste in the region, just ask Annika.....The human Trip Advisor.

ANNIKAS APRON | Catering Blog

By Mark Wardale 25 Sep, 2017
Bryony and Shawn, one of the nicest couples you could ever meet. They selected the beautiful setting of Pleasely Vale for there wedding and reception. They also to add a cool twist to there table settings with sugar skulls and vinyl records for place mats. Opting for the traditional 3 course themed menu along with canapés of Chicken Satay Skewers, Mini Yorkshire Puddings w/ Rare Roast Beef, and Blue Cheese, Walnut and Apple on Date Bread.
By Mark Wardale 05 Sep, 2017
From the first time we met Rebecca & Kyle, we told them to go with there gut instinct and to go with a menu that reflects them as a couple. They decided......Indian Food. Who doesn't like a great curry after a long day of celebration and alcohol? 

Of course, we don't just do your standard Indian food here at Annikas. We do it Authentic style!
By Mark Wardale 01 Aug, 2017
First up, Dani & Andy. The beautiful couple opted for this venue as Summer commenced and who could blame them. This stunning setting, based on a working farm has guests and suppliers in absolute awe. From the defining structure of the barn and courtyard, to the finishing touches of each individual wedding, only made possible by the owners and staff that run the show. 

By Mark Wardale 05 Jun, 2017
What can we say about Jonathan and Anna's wedding apart from....Wow! Just Wow! From the bride and groom, the awesome guests, to the unbelievable venue 'The Normans' and immaculate attention to detail. 
By Mark Wardale 30 May, 2017
Our first trip unto Muddy Souls (based at Wold Top Brewery) took our breath away with the beautiful surroundings and fab staff that worked there. Lou and Pete (equally fab) went for a relaxed shared platter wedding breakfast straight from the BBQ
By Mark Wardale 18 May, 2017
Lucy & Jim are undoubtably the most relaxed couple we've ever met, and they made some super cool and key choices when choosing there bespoke menu with us. The couple decided to treat there guests to canapés of Mini Yorkshire Puddings w/ rare roast beef, Beetroot tarts, and Arranchini Risotto Balls.
By Mark Wardale 02 May, 2017
Our team went across into the picturesque Dales to serve up some real sharing food for Hannah and Tom's big day! And we really had a great time at this wedding. 
By Mark Wardale 19 Apr, 2017
Above Image courtesy of Gophoto 
By Mark Wardale 20 Dec, 2016
Christmas may come once a year, but a Wedding is , in most cases a once in a lifetime event. Our most recent Wedding in North Ferriby saw us teaming up with Papakata, Weddings With Ease, Jonny Ross, and Speakeasy Libations.
By Mark Wardale 23 Nov, 2016
We rocked up for the first of our back to back weddings at the stunning Barmy Fields in Barmy Moor last weekend to serve up some Italian charcutterie Platters, authentic pizzas, and sizzling garlic king prawns for the wonderful couple, Kirsty and David. 
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